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I have had floaters since I was 16 years old. If I would rate my floaters I would say my condition is 7.5 if 10 is the worse. I have all sorts of floaters in my left eye and also in my right eye. I have visited laser-treatment specialists and ophtalmologists such as Dr. Fankhauser in Germany, but on his own recommendation I never had them treated, Dr. Fankhauser whom I met in Germany was recommended to me by Dr. Scott geller. Dr. Fankhauser said my floaters would only change their pattern instead of moving if shot with laser, and this was not what I wanted, some of his reasons for not treating them yet were that they had not yet "condensated" and that I would have to wait a couple of years for this to occur. I am constantly bothered by my floaters and I am the first to try new things whenever I hear about something that seems reasonable and can work. If you have any questions or want to e-mail me you can contact me here on the forum. Kind regards

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